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About us

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to be dependable & trustworthy packaging partner to our customers. Krishna Packtech has expanded two feet by joining hands with their clients, with the ideology to innovate and expertise in packaging.

How Are We Different
Our approach towards each packaging job is flexible & adaptive. We are mostly able to add value to any businesses in Central India, ranging from Startups to MNCs.

With enhanced products, improved efficiency, reduced product damage, cost-effective, and best ideas, Krishna Packtech provides a whole range of packaging solutions. Krishna Packtech holds the expertise in printing UV and LED inks on plastic surfaces. Facilities to provide value-added decorations like texture UV coating, matt UV, etc.

What we are about
Krishna Packtech is a premium box manufacturing company, specializing in innovative packaging and printing solutions. Krishna Packtech was planed and conceptualized in 2016 with a strong foundation having rooted to it’s parent company ‘Krishna Packtech’.